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An Eco-friendly Family Trip to Marysville :: A Town Rebuilt from Ashes

Since the devastating bush fires of Black Saturday, Marysville has well and truly risen from the ashes. Determined residents have rebuilt the town and it’s now bigger and better than ever. Tourism is once again booming and the environment is flourishing. We explored the town and surrounds on a weekend out of Melbourne.

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Save the Koala Month 2017

September is the natural breeding season for koalas, so it’s very fitting that the entire month is dedicated to the Save the Koala campaign. The money raised through Save the Koala Month goes towards the long term survival of Australia’s wild koala population, which, according to the AKF, sits around 43,000. Only a decade ago the koala population was in the hundred thousands.


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Community Gardens: Your Home-Away-From-Home

Longer-term travel often means being away from friends and family for extended periods of time. Sometimes this can come as a much welcome break, but inevitably some home-sickness pangs will pluck at heart-strings before too long. Many savvy travellers will no doubt opt to travel lightly and avoid packing too many sentimental home trinkets. Whether you are uprooted for work, study, pleasure, or otherwise, there is no way, as yet, to package up your established network and the intangible values of a community that you will be leaving behind – a favourite local organic shops; the barista who knows your coffee order; the park on the corner.