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  1. Are you looking for adventure in your travels? Are you interested in sustainable travel options that not only protect the environment but help it grow? Then the Ngerengere River Eco Camp is the place for you. Bungalows, baboons, international travelers, gardening, Tanzanian food, and more!

    Located in a small Tanzanian village at the bank of the Ngerengere River, the Eco Camp is the destination for travelers young and old hoping to discover authentic African living and to engage in hands-on community-centered activities that aide in the daily lives of the local people. With a focus on environmentally-friendly practices, the Eco Camp is a great place for visitors to unplug from their busy lives and connect to something larger through immersion in the local ecology and spearheading positive sustainable habits in developing countries. Travelers stay in bungalows which include mosquito nets, bottled water and a private bathroom. Three Tanzanian meals a day are included. The camp offers visitors a chance to experience a variety of activities such as gardening, tree planting, water quality projects, educational aide at the local school, nature walks full of baboons, chameleons and bush babies, Mukumi game park, and cultural exchanges with local villagers and tribal Maasai Mara

    The Eco Camp is located about 150 km from Dar es Salaam, the largest Tanzanian city and about 45 km from Morogoro. It is situated in the small village of Lukwambe surrounded by the Tanzanian bush for a truly African experience

    As the camp is located in a more remote area, interested visitors should contact it’s founder Remmy by phone or email address provided for help. To reach the camp visitors typically arrive in two ways: An Eco Camp staff member will pick you up in Dar es Salaam where you will both take either a private car or ride the public transport bus, depending on your preference. All transportation details can be worked out through Remmy and are flexible depending on your situation. While arrival may seem a bit unorthodox, it showcases the uniqueness of this experience compared to other more touristy and cliche travel experiences!

    As mentioned previously all bookings and details should be discussed with Remmy as the Eco Camp is very flexible concerning the duration of your stay although there is a minimum requirement of 4 days. Well-versed in English and a local to the area, Remmy has over 10 years of experience in the hospitality and community development arena and can help answer any questions regarding transportation, timing, availability, and camp atmosphere.
    Thank you and welcome.

  2. James Kennedy says

    Hey! Just wanted to say I really enjoyed reading your blog on Asheville farm to table food. I live about 50 miles east of Asheville, I used to date a girl who lived IN Asheville, and my ex girlfriend lived about halfway between my home and Asheville, so Asheville is a place I’m very familiar with, and totally in love with. Though I don;t fit the “type” as I am a conservative eastern NC establishment type by nature (lol) I’m also an Eagle scout, I earned every nature based merit badge available, my favorite being Environmental science and soil & wildlife conservation. I deeply respect the environment and the local economy, and believe strongly in clean air and clean water, as well as utilizing our resources wisely. I grew up on a 32 acre piece of property, mostly woods, so I grew up as sort of a woodsman. We also grew our own food much of the time, completely organic. My dad taught me a lot about nature and gardening and forestry, as did my scoutmaster.

    Anyways, just thought I would share. I love local farm to table food, I love a healthy environment, and as a son of several of North Carolina’s first families, who is completely devoted to his state, it brings me so much joy to see others enjoying what out great state has to offer 🙂

  3. I am impresses. Can we discuss how to promote eco travel in Kumaon Hills, Uttrakhand , India?

  4. We are a team of passionate naturalists (some with a collage degree and solid scientific background; others are self taught with a lot of field experience) fully committed, working 24/7, to ensure premium services to our dear guests. Your happiness makes our days and we strive to exceed your expectations – even with the most demanding customers. Although our competence has a solid reputation, we never miss an opportunity to improve and keep on learning – many times from our guests. We feel very privilege for that.

    With us, you`ll enjoy some of the best wild life spectacles in the world; a wealth of natural history knowledge; funny and exciting travelling company; very interesting cultural encounters; all with the safety and comfort that you deserve.

    We guarantee that, on your way back home, you`ll carry loads of astonishing images and stories that you`ll love to share with your friends and family. Even the most experienced travelers, naturalists and photographers will be amazed!!

    Besides our regular tours, we also provide tailor made tours. A few of the hot spots – incredibly rich in biodiversity and natural beauty – that we “open the doors” for you are still under the radar of our competitors and mass tourism. Try our team of expert travel consultants…

    Pantanal has been our priority and headquarters, but we are also running successful tours in the Amazon and Atlantic Rainforest. As a novelty, we are now offering wildlife tours also in Patagonia; Canada; South Africa; and the Iberian Peninsula. Our guides are top-notch!
    Pantanal & Rainforests Expeditions it`s not just a business for us. We love our job and we have high goals supporting nature conservation, research and science-based environmental education, as well as social justice for all those who make our tours possible.

    Join our life-changing experiences!
    My best
    Head of Operations
    Hellen Selva

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