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11/52 :: Sunrise at Bloo Lagoon, Bali

sunrise bloo lagoon bali
The 52 Weeks Series :: a photo a week, every week, in 2015.

There’s a hugely popular Australia-based Instagrammer called Lauren Bath. Last year, she revealed her daily routine in an interview, mentioning she frequently gets up well before dawn to photograph the sunrise.

In a social media discussion about the article I piped up something along the lines of, “You wouldn’t catch me doing that! The only time I’m up at sunrise is when I’m on the way home from a night out.”

About a week later I was damning my words. Sort of.

We had arrived at Bloo Lagoon in Padang Bai on the east coast of Bali under the cover of darkness. I forgot Thing 1 and Thing 2 would wake at their usual time, Melbourne time. It was only 5am.

I don’t do 5am starts. Well, I try bloody hard not to!

My initial move was to usher them back to sleep for another few hours. I harrumphed at the morning and headed back to bed.

Before I did, I figured I should quickly check out the lay of the land; glimpse around our new surroundings. I wasn’t prepared for all the awesome. And I don’t usually consider anything awesome at that time of the day.

Out on the horizon, behind the fishing boats toiling at their early morning business, was the beginnings of a sunrise. To the left was towering Mount Agung covered in morning cloud, and tropical flowers framed every view.

The birds hadn’t started their warbling yet, and the girls were thankfully quiet a little longer, so instead of slipping back into bed I sat down on the sofa in the open-air living room and through squinted, tired eyes I watched the sun come up.