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10/52 :: Goanna Wandering Through the Noosa Everglades

goanna noosa everglades
The 52 Weeks Series :: a photo a week, every week, in 2015.

On a recent trip to the Noosa Everglades we were warned to look out for goannas wandering near the picnic grounds where we were about to have lunch.

I nearly tripped on this little feller.

Otherwise known as monitor lizards, goannas are found all over Noosa Biosphere Reserve and can be found in suburban areas as well as deep in the forests. Roaming up to three kilometres a day, goannas are always on the search for their next meal. Although they are carnivores, they also enjoy snacking on insects and are partial to the odd bush turkey egg. Bush Turkeys are plentiful in Noosa – there are around 300 different species – so the goannas don’t have to search too far to come up with a treat.

Goannas have also become wise to the possibility of a free lunch from tours passing through the Everglades, but the guides are careful not to leave scraps behind – all the rubbish goes back on the boat and back to base.

Our Noosa Discovery tour guide was careful to highlight the dangers of leaving food scraps around, explaining it messes with the goanna’s natural hunting instincts.

We were only off the boat a few minutes when we spotted this goanna.

Staying a safe distance away, the kids and I followed it for a little while until it escaped into the undergrowth and away from prying eyes.

If you’re visiting Noosa and want to check out the Everglades, the day trip we took with Noosa Everglades Discovery is highly recommended.