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Inquisitive Red Lorikeet Strikes a Pose

red lorikeet parrot

It’s almost impossible to travel through Australia without seeing wonderful flashes of colour flitting through the air. Red Lorikeets, Rainbow Lorikeets and Cockatoos often play their own form of chasey through the trees, swooping, swirling and squawking, attracting attention wherever they go. Quiet, they are not.

These inquisitive creatures sometimes come close enough to be photographed, and are often happy to perch on your hand if you have a fruit or few sunflower seeds nearby.

This Red Lorikeet was tempted by the fruit tree in the back garden, and was content to sit there while I photographed it, repeatedly.

Lorikeets are native to Australia, Indonesia, New Guinea and the Pacific. They are the most common bird to keep as a pet, which is such a shame when you see them flying in a flock and in their natural habitat. They are playful, cheeky, dare I say, rambunctious birds. I can’t imagine why people would want to keep them caged.

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