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Our Expanding Eco Traveller Team and the AFTW

As the esteemed Vergil once said, “Tempus Fugit.” (Time flees)
Too true, man. Too true.

March is upon us already. Easter bunnies are on their way, and I have yet to post my wonderful Instagram travel photos of 2012! I have decided you’re getting them anyway. They’re kinda cool, so I think you’ll like them.

Before the year bounds on any further, there is something I’ve wanted to share with you for a while, but for one reason or another have only been able to now. Some of you wily readers may have already found the new Eco Traveller Team page, so award yourself 10 points for being on the ball.

On there you’ll see we’ve added another member to the team – Natasha von Geldern.

Welcome to the Team!

Natasha is a freelance journalist, travel writer and editor, and runs her own blog, World Wandering Kiwi. Check out her biog here. She joined the Eco Traveller team a few months back as Editorial Assistant and has been contributing articles and working across various social media platforms on behalf of Eco Traveller since.

It’s a real pleasure to be working with her.

Natasha will be appearing as a panellist at the Australian Festival of Travel Writing in a few weeks (22-24 March), so if you’re in Melbourne and want to know more about this travel writing malarkey, get booking.

Other speakers include, Tony Wheeler – the co-founder of Lonely Planet, Rolf Potts from Vagabonding, Justin Jamieson – publisher of Australian travel magazine Get Lost, and a plethora of award-winning travel writers and journalists.

I’m super-excited about it, mostly because it’s in Melbourne and so is easily accessible for me, but also because there will be such a lovely bunch of like-minded people in the one place talking about their shared passion – travel.

I will be there on the Saturday 23 March, so please come up and say hello if you’re there. I mean it. It’s always great to meet other travel enthusiasts.

Where in the World is Gabi?

I think we need to start a side blog for our senior writer, Gabi. She seems to travel more than she’s home, which I guess is what travel writing is all about. And, yes, I am just jealous.

This week Gabi is getting under the skin of things at ITB Berlin – the world’s leading travel trade show. If you’re there and would like to collaborate with Eco Traveller in any way, Gabi is our ‘go-to woman’.

Going Local

Back in Melbourne, I will be visiting Melbourne’s Wildlife Sanctuary at La Trobe University, and seeking out what’s on at the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival, which this year is all about returning to the source – Earth.

The festival is geared towards getting your hands dirty, growing and making it yourself, and savouring local produce.

All sounds good to me!

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