Month: January 2013

elephant riding

Elephants Exploited for Tourism: From Zoos to Treks

Zoos are not the only place where the treatment of elephants has been of concern for animal activist groups. Elephants are regularly used as a tourist attraction in Asia, and elephant riding is considered a “must” when visiting Thailand. In addition to providing rides, elephants are often used to perform circus tricks, paint pictures, or give massages. It’s a contentious issue.

Green Living Project Premieres Six New Films About Sustainable Africa

Comprised of a group of dedicated storytellers who squeeze in six to nine films per hyper-focused trip, interviewing 10 to 14 people a day, the folks at the Green Living Project (GLP) seek to: “educate and inspire individuals and communities to live a more sustainable lifestyle through stories focused on unique and diverseexamples of sustainability from around the world.“