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Travel Photos that Capture the Colour

Capture the colour yellow

If you’re a regular reader of travel blogs, you may already know about Travel Supermarket’s Capture the Colour competition.

The idea behind it is travel bloggers post five images that capture the colours Blue, Green, Yellow, White and Red, link to Travel Supermarket and then tag five other bloggers to carry on the relay. The winners of each colour section get an iPad3, and there’s a chance of winning £2000 if you manage to win best overall shot.

Now I know I’m no professional photographer, but I do like to take a few snaps on hols so figured what the hell… after all, there’s an iPad up for grabs and I’ve yet to ride that bandwagon.

So, drum roll, please…


colosseum rome

Usually, when you see photos of the Colosseum they’re taken from the outside, showcasing the amazing tiered architecture that is synonymous with the building, but this is my favourite view. I was sitting trying to sketch this very scene when it started to drizzle so I took a photo to finish the picture later, and I’m glad I did. It seems to capture a sadness that must have been perpetually present beneath the floor of this magnificent amphitheatre.


capture colour red

The roads in outback Australia are brilliant. They’re great to drive on, although bone-breaking, and really give the sense of being in the heart of the country. Australia is famous for its red earth, which changes colour depending on the time of day. This image was taken around midday so the soil appears more of an orange colour. Lovely, but boy does it ever get into nooks and crannies you never knew you had!


portugal algarve  beach

Far removed from the many high brow entries I’ve been oogling over in the past while, my interpretation of blue is a bit of fun. Taken on Portugal’s beautiful Algarve coast the image captures a memory of so many family holidays when I was younger. Rows and rows of sunloungers, with rows and rows of lobster skinned Europeans showing far too many wobbly bits. Yeah, lovely image isn’t it?


Capture the colour yellow

And now for the token sunset shot. Yep, I know, predictable for the colour, but it’s what’s in front of that tiny bit of yellow that I love, especially as I might be craving a bit of the old London life at the moment. It was taken from the roof of St.Pauls’ Cathedral, and yes, that’s the Houses of Parliament and the London Eye in silhouette. Ahhh, London.


statue florence

I have a thing for sculpture. I love it. I could sit forever and a day staring at certain works; drawing, photographing, and always in awe of the workmanship. This piece is entitled The Rape of the Sabine Women, although the word rape in this case means abduction, and it’s one of my favourite. I just find it mind-blowing that it would have been created with nothing more than a collection of hammers, chisels and sandpaper. This statue sits in a corner of the Piazza della Signoria just outside the Uffizi Gallery in Florence.

The Official Bit

To make the entry legit I need to nominate five other travel bloggers, but I dare say at this late stage most of them will already have submitted their entries. If not, tag, you’re it…

World Wandering Kiwi

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Lash World Tour

Thanks, and good luck!


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