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SEEtheWILD Launches Free Conservation Tourism Magazine, WildHope

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SEEtheWILD is a non-profit project of the Ocean Foundation that promotes conservation-based travel opportunities, which not only protect the environment, but work to improve it. Now they’ve released a new online magazine, WildHope, to continue to get the word out about these opportunities and how readers can get involved.

The free, quarterly magazine contains in-depth features on destinations, conservation activities, travel planning and the impact conservation has on individuals.

Award-winning writers and photographers have come together with company founders, Dr. Wallace J. Nichols and Brad Nahill, to create an inspiring, informational resource for people interested in taking vacations that put their passions to work.

Focused on sea turtle life, challenges and rescue, the inaugural issue of WildHope stays centered on one of the trips offered by SEEtheWild: Baja Camping & Turtle Research. However, it’s anything but straight advertorial for the group’s services.

Sea Turtle Conservation Tourism

Seasoned travel writer, Kate Siber, takes readers on the adventure as she experienced it herself. Talented photographer, Neil Osborne, gives us an inside glance at the life of the amazing sea turtles living in Mexico’s Sea of Cortez. Readers are also treated to a to-do list for turning any vacation into a helpful eco-adventure, and Nichols pens an essay on the personal benefits of using time to help Mother Nature thrive.

As an extension of their parent company, SEE Turtles, started by the conservationists in 2008, SEEtheWILD encourages travelers to get involved in saving the very animals they have journeyed to see.

The trips sponsored by SEEtheWILD range from family-friendly holidays to high-impact adventure forays. They include some of the most exotic locations nature has to offer and involve the following species:

  • Grizzlies and Spectacled Bears (such as, Wild Pandas)
  • Macaws, Penguins and Sea Birds
  • Leatherback and Green Sea Turtles
  • Whale Sharks, Hammerheads and Manta Rays
  • Humpbacks, Gray Whales and Orcas
  • Jaguars, Lions and Tigers

Subscribe to their free quarterly magazine or find more information on their travel tours and conservation trips by visiting SEEtheWILD.

Sources: The International Ecotourism Society and SEEtheWILD

Photos: Courtesy of SEEtheWILD


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