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Go Green and Get Fit on Holiday

On the whole, most people book a holiday to unwind and relax from the daily grind; then there are those who have ants in their pants no matter where in the world they are and suffer withdrawals without their usual fitness regime to keep them occupied. If you’re guilty of the latter, then maybe you should take a look at Green Gym – an alternative way of keeping fit in the great outdoors.

Started by the British Trust for Conservation Volunteers in the UK, Green Gym is an innovative way of combing fitness and conservation. Participants are guided through a range of outdoor practical projects aimed to enhance the local green spaces. These may include tree planting, refurbishing allotments, rubbish clean ups or building benches. Onsite leaders ensure everyone warms up before the day starts and briefs everyone on the tools to be used for each project. But it’s not all gung ho, there are tea breaks so you can enjoy a chat with other volunteers, and if you’re lucky you might score a tray bake the regulars reportedly sneak in. It certainly offers a different perspective on sightseeing.

The success of Green Gym is evident in that it now has a number of franchises in Australia, as well as the UK, and there is interest in the US, too. For further information check out the country specific websites:

Green Gym UK
Green Gym Australia
Green Gym USA

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Linda hails from evergreen Northern Ireland, but is currently living in Melbourne, Australia. Her passion for travel and the natural world has seen her working as a writer and editor on a number of websites. Linda has articles published in magazines and newspapers in Australia and the UK, and has also contributed to the inspirational travel book 1001 Escapes to Make Before You Die.

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