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The Blub Lounge: New Eco Bar Opens Outside Barcelona

Images: Rafael Vargas

Barcelona has some brilliantly quirky bars hidden among its winding back streets, many of which reflect the playful atmosphere of the city. Even if you visited the Catalonian capital a hundred times you’d be guaranteed to discover a new drinking den on each trip. So when we heard The Blub Lounge was added to the mix we were itching to take a trip to test out the cocktail list in person. Alas, there are certain things you have to accept living in Australia, and that’s not being able to nip over to Barcelona on a weekend jaunt at the drop of a hat. It doesn’t mean we still can’t drool over what we could have had. And even though The Blub Lounge is 30 kms north of the city centre, we would still have gone.

Check out this fabulous new eco-themed hot spot, and tell us you’re not begging for a mojito once you’re through!

Designed by Elia Felices Interiorismo, the Blub Lounge is meant to portray an undersea world: “The light shining onto the different elements is broken up into tiny shafts, resembling the rays of light under the sea, bathing every detail in an underwater glimmer.” The vast rectangular space – all on one level – is divided into more intimate sections by blue anodised aluminium Kriska® curtains, “which link up to make a light and versatile mesh screen on the upper part of the walls which is both decorative and functional in that it allows spaces to be defined while providing light, colour and movement similar to that of water.”

Even the VIP area was given a touch of green class; here they used various plants in vertical rows to divide the space into varying heights, creating a natural, living environment while providing the privacy VIPs often demand.

The bar is actually in the town of Mataró, about 30 kms north of Barcelona on the Maresme coast. It is worth a visit. Why not take an overnight trip from Barcelona? Before visiting the ruins of a first century BC bath house recently discovered in the city, check out the impressive architecture of one of Catalunya’s more famous architects, Josep Puig I Cadafalch, who was active in architecture at the same time as Gaudi. Puig I Cadafalch designed a number of the buildings in his home town, Mataró.

Example of Puig I Cadafalch architecture:

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