Month: January 2011

Shark Fin Soup Still High on the Menu

Around 73 million sharks are slaughtered every year solely for their fins, which are seen as a delicacy in many Asian countries. The fins are also thought to have medicinal properties, so are used widely in Chinese medicine, too. Only 13 of the top 20 shark-catching nations had developed an action plan to safeguard the severely dwindling species

The Blub Lounge: New Eco Bar Opens Outside Barcelona

Barcelona has some brilliantly quirky bars hidden among its winding back streets, many of which reflect the playful atmosphere of the city. Even if you visited the Catalonian capital a hundred times you’d be guaranteed to discover a new drinking den on each trip. So when we heard The Blub Lounge was added to the mix we were itching to take a trip to test out the cocktail list in person.

Eco Travel and Ecotourism Definition

Eco travel encompasses all the varients of ecotourism and green travel. So whether it’s responsible travel, sustainable tourism, ethical tourism or culturally aware travel, they all fall under the same umbrella of eco travel. So, in essence, anyone who prefers to travel the green way is an eco traveller.